Not paying teachers enough wrong decision and more letters to the editors – Chattanooga Times Free Press

Not paying teachers enough wrong decision and more letters to the editors  Chattanooga Times Free Press

Not paying teachers enough wrong decision

These are difficult times, and we are making hard decisions. If I were a teacher, I would be deciding whether I wanted to work for Hamilton County schools. We make choices now on what is essential, and for good schools, good teachers are more than essential, they are paramount.

How can the school board make the decision to cut additional teacher pay? Grocery stores, distribution companies and delivery drivers are being given raises and bonuses. Our teachers have master’s degrees and do an unbelievable job. The teachers are working online every day, and it is difficult and time consuming. I have a student in my house, and my hat is off to the teachers for the work they do.

The county finance director told the schools to consider the necessary income which would give the schools money to give raises. If funding doesn’t come in because of the economy, it becomes the county commission’s job to find the money for the schools. That may require tax increases no one wants but may be necessary. It seems to me that tone deaf doesn’t really apply to the school board but maybe deaf and dumb would be more accurate.

George Patten


Can’t understand leaving kid in car

Four children have died in hot cars this year already, and warm weather has just started. I totally don’t understand. Why don’t these people put their cellphone or pocketbook in the back seat to remind them that someone that is supposed to be special is sitting back there that they have just strapped in so they won’t get hurt?

It’s not normal to do this, but it’s not normal to get out of a hot car and go and work a full eight-hour shift and not think about your baby. Maybe they should be put in the front seat. Are these people being punished for these crimes?

Mary Taylor

Don’t let the GOP foul fragile Arctic

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is almost 20 million acres, largely untouched by human activity, and contains a variety of fragile ecosystems. It protects an enormous, pristine, high-latitude wilderness that encompasses several ecological zones. It has been called “Northeast Alaska: The Last Great Wilderness.”

Republicans have tried for decades to drill in ANWR. In response to public outcry and concerns of worsening climate change, U.S. banks Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo publicly announced they will not fund oil and gas projects in the Arctic region.

Tucked away in the pages of the Trump-Republican tax cut was a provision to allow drilling in ANWR.

Trump bragged he had done something even Reagan couldn’t do. And immediately began the process to lease oil exploration rights in the most sensitive areas of the “The Last Great Wilderness.”

Today, NASA claims air pollution has dropped as much as 30% since COVID-19 brought world economies to a halt. We can responsibly fight climate change. The whole world is onboard, with one exception, Trump. How could a majority of Americans vote to allow Trump to continue his insane attacks on our environment?

Roger Shipley

Ringgold, Georgia

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