Women’s Resource Center Launches Virtual Financial Empowerment Programs – SRQ Daily Apr 30, 2020 – SRQ Magazine

Women’s Resource Center Launches Virtual Financial Empowerment Programs – SRQ Daily Apr 30, 2020  SRQ Magazine

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As COVID-19 disrupts employment and financial security for countless community members, Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is expanding its commitment to women’s empowerment by offering three remote-based financial services programs to help women learn key strategies and skills to attain financial security. These programs include Ask A Banker, which offers free one-on-one sessions virtually with Bank of America professionals; a Money Empowerment Helpline, which is a $10 one-on-one session with a personal finance expert, and a free monthly webinar series called Women’s Money Empowerment.

“Our goal is to ensure that we are assisting women with navigating these unchartered waters of the pandemic well equipped with the financial skills they need to deal with the current disruptions and to chart a stable future for themselves and their families,” explains WRC CEO Ashley Brown.

The Ask A Banker program is based on a well-established partnership with Bank of America, a long time funder of WRC services. The free 30-minute individual phone or video sessions are facilitated by Bank of America professionals who assist WRC clients on topics such as managing credit card debt, improving a credit score, budgeting tips, savings strategies, the home buying or refinancing process, planning for retirement or college, identity theft, tax filing, and more. The session content is tailored to the specific needs of the client. Appointments are available on the third Thursday of each month, 4-6 pm, and may be scheduled online or by calling the center.

The Money Empowerment Helpline is a one-on-one, 45 minute, fee-based video conference with a financial expert offered on Wednesday afternoons from 2 pm – 5 pm. The Money Empowerment Helpline helps women gain financial security by building wealth, planning for the future, and navigating through a transition such as, divorce, death, a significant move, graduation, retirement, or inheritance. The cost is $10 per session. A free monthly Women’s Money Empowerment webinar rounds out WRC’s new financial programming. These one-hour webinars will be hosted by financial expert and Women’s Money Empowerment founder, Dr. Laura H. Mattia, who is author of Gender on Wall Street: Uncovering Opportunities for Women in Financial Services. The webinars will be offered on the first Friday of each month beginning May 1 at 1 pm, with the first one titled “Financial Transitions: Money Empowerment During Uncertain Times.” During transitional times, some actions are more important than others. Understanding what to focus on can provide peace of mind, a feeling of control, and a sense of well-being. This first webinar will help women to begin to claim their financial power during these uncertain times.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our financial offerings through this new partnership with Dr. Mattia,” says Brown. “She brings a wealth of knowledge to our clients to assist them in building financial security.”

For more information about registering for the webinar.

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