Shopping mall Campona livestreams marine bio lesson from Tropicarium – Budapest Business Journal

Shopping mall Campona livestreams marine bio lesson from Tropicarium  Budapest Business Journal


 Thursday, April 30, 2020, 15:00

Shopping mall Campona has decided to accommodate to new consumer needs via the creation of unique online content, featuring an interactive, live biology lesson streamed from the Tropicarium located within the mall.

With the pandemic forcing people to move their daily life online, shopping centers do not function as community spaces anymore.

Via the livestream, Campona aimed to react to this phenomenon and appeal to the broadest possible audience: teachers and students struggling with online education, families who have been staying inside for weeks, and anyone constantly searching for new content online. The stream took place on Facebook.

“We are in contact with many local schools and we had a chance to rely on their input regarding the struggles teachers face when trying to provide exciting lessons through online education,” said Kinga Voith, marketing director of Campona.

“This is how the idea of the interactive biology lesson was born: Tropicarium with its sea life provides a unique opportunity to educate, that we wanted to offer as help to teachers, students and families as well,” she added.

The first interactive biology lesson showcased the life of marine species. Thanks to the livestream, experienced biology teacher Andrea Joós and Tropicarium caretaker Vivien Farkas, were able to react to the incoming questions in real-time, allowing topics to change dynamically, catering to the viewersʼ interest

The video showcasing sea life remains available online here.

Source: bbj.hu

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