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Hemp, Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin Shares Message of Hope and Solidarity With Hemp Industry  GlobeNewswire

Las Vegas, NV, April 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —
via NEWMEDIAWIRE — Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP) a global leader in the industrial hemp industry with bi-coastal processing centers, including the largest multipurpose industrial hemp processing facility in the western hemisphere, shared today, a message of hope and solidarity with hemp farmers, the hemp industry, and hemp businesses during the current COVID-19 outbreak.“We want to extend our praise to the hemp industry for being resilient in spite of the circumstances we are all currently experiencing. If there is any industry that has faced and overcome adversity it is the hemp industry — this praise and resilience can be extended to the cannabis industry as well,” said Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. “As long as we take the appropriate safety measures, are resourceful, and remain inspired we will come out of this as leaders and drivers of economic recovery and growth. We’ll lead in creating greener, more sustainable communities and economies. Hemp, Inc.’s Veteran’s Village Kins Community is a testament to our commitment to cultivating hemp for wellness, self-sufficiency, and industry.” The Veteran’s Village Kins Community is a facility for rehabilitation, healing, refuge, and economic empowerment through its back-to-nature initiatives and sustainable operational practices. It was implemented to grow hemp and produce hemp CBD and CBG products to benefit veterans. It is the first kins community geared towards rehabilitating veterans by providing them a place to live, a source of income, and access to various health professionals. It also stands as one of the safest places to be while state governments across America encourage social distancing. Each kins domain is 2.5 acres with a “living fence” around the perimeter consisting of two rows of trees, including fruit trees and olive trees, organic gardens, a beehive, a family tree, a sustainable off grid house, and a pond; each domain can also support 1 acre of hemp.Hemp, Inc.’s Great American Hempathon is the first project to kick start the revenue model for the kins community with each grow dedicated to a veteran or veteran’s group. Veterans have the opportunity to earn a share of the profits from the farms, which they can then use to buy land to start their own kins community. The global industrial hemp market size is expected to reach USD 15.26 billion by 2027, exhibiting a revenue-based CAGR of 15.8% over the forecast period, according to a new report published by Grand View Research, Inc. This growth can be attributed to the burgeoning preference for eco-friendly products and creating greener, more sustainable communitiesAccording to a recent article by Fox News, “Natural light, fresh air could keep coronavirus out of workplaces, scientists suggest,” researchers from UC-Davis and the University of Oregon published a report in the journal mSystems and came up with some recommendations for healthier work spaces in the age of COVID-19.Two of their suggestions were opening windows for better air circulation and opening blinds or drapes for more natural sunlight. The article explains that the researchers mention, “daylight exists as a free, widely available resource to building occupants with little downside to its use and many documented positive human health benefits.”During the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, medics found that severely ill patients who were nursed outdoors recovered better than those treated indoors. Research shows that outdoor air is a natural disinfectant that has the capability to kill the flu virus and other harmful germs. Equally, sunlight is germicidal and there is now evidence it can kill the flu virus. This is a testament to the importance of seeking solutions that are connected to the environment. To see one-minute videos of Hemp, Inc.’s current activities, visit Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook page, where he shares daily posts of Hemp, Inc.’s activities around the country. Additionally, follow Hemp, Inc. on Facebook, here; on Instagram, here; and on Twitter, here.Those interested in The Great American Hempathon, the Company’s first ever grow contest, click here for more information and to download the entry form.  Hemp growers can demonstrate their skill and share in the $50,000 prize money. To watch “The Great American Hempathon” in real time, click here.WHAT IS HEMP, INC.?What is Hemp, Inc.? With a deep-rooted social and environmental mission at its core, Hemp, Inc. seeks to build a business constituency for the American small farmer, the American veteran, and other groups experiencing the ever-increasing disparity between tapering income and soaring expenses. As a leader in the industrial hemp industry with ownership of the largest commercial multi-purpose industrial hemp processing facility in North America, Hemp, Inc. believes there can be tangible benefits reaped from adhering to a corporate social responsibility plan.HEMP, INC.’S TEN DIVISIONSHemp, Inc. has been helping to build the industrial hemp infrastructure that was basically non-existent in America. There are now ten divisions:Division One –            The Industrial Hemp InfrastructureDivision Two –            The Hemp Farming InfrastructureDivision Three –          The Hemp Extraction & Pre-Roll Blending InfrastructureDivision Four –            The Hemp Educational InfrastructureDivision Five –            The Hemp Marketing InfrastructureDivision Six –              Accessories, Products and ServicesDivision Seven –         Research and DevelopmentDivision Eight –           Industrial Hemp Investments and Joint VenturesDivision Nine –            Industrial Hemp ConsultingDivision Ten –             Educational EntertainmentDivision One – The Industrial Hemp InfrastructureThe Industrial Hemp Infrastructure (Division One) currently consists of two hemp processing facilities across the country, with two more under development, which will include an in-house third party testing laboratory.  The largest of the two is its multi-purpose industrial hemp processing facility and milling operation in Spring Hope, North Carolina. It’s the largest “industrial hemp processing center” in the western hemisphere and has grown to become one of the pre-eminent centers of the industrial hemp industry. The 85,000 square foot facility sits on 9-acres. It is environmentally sustainable and was built from the ground up in hopes of “Making America Hemp Again.”  With a patent pending manufacturing process, the North Carolina facility is operating full time to process millions of pounds of our unique kenaf-hemp blend, to manufacture all-green natural loss circulation material (LCMs), called DrillWall™ that is to be sold to the oil and gas drilling industry, along with an all-green natural oil spill absorbent, a second industrial kenaf-hemp product called Spill-Be-Gone™.In addition to the company’s industrial hemp processing facility in Spring Hope, North Carolina, Hemp, Inc. also has one of the most sophisticated local processing centers (LPC) in Medford, Oregon which focuses on hemp harvesting, drying, curing, trimming, bagging, storing, and in some cases selling high CBD hemp for local farmers and the Company’s own hemp grows in that area, and post processing for the CBD industry.  The Company’s main focus is the “King of Hemp™” pre-rolls and high CBD smokeable buds… a new phenomenon of smoking hemp which has caught the marketplace by storm.Hemp, Inc. and their associates also have 4,500 acres of land in Golden Valley, Arizona  (100 miles from Las Vegas, 20 miles north of Kingman, AZ).  Out of the 4,500 acres of land, 500 acres are designated for the Veteran’s Village Kins Community (VVKC) for Arizona.  Hemp, Inc. is preparing 80+ acres, of the 500 acres, for hemp cultivation. The company aims to boost the economies of these towns by offering affordable hemp processing services, which incentivizes local growers to add hemp to their crop rotation. The company is continuing to scout new locations for local processing centers in Florida, Kentucky, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, and several other states.Thus far, Hemp, Inc.’s Local Processing Center (LPC) in Oregon has employed over 200 employees  during its 2018 harvest season and over 300 employees during its 2019 harvest season to further support the infrastructure necessary for local and large scale farmers operating in the industrial hemp space.Division One Products:·       DrillWall™ (a loss circulation material)·       Spill-Be-Gone™ (an oil spill cleanup product)·       Hemp bioplasticsDivision Two – The Hemp Farming InfrastructureThe Hemp Farming Infrastructure (Division Two) consists of hundreds of acres of hemp and kenaf growing in multiple locations, farm equipment, cloning rooms, clones and seeds, grow rooms, greenhouses, hemp drying facilities and a huge amount of peripheral farming tools and equipment. The progress Hemp, Inc. has made in its agricultural endeavors, over the course of four years, has been amazing. The year 2020 marks the fifth year that Hemp, Inc. has been growing hemp. (To see Hemp, Inc.’s agricultural progress from 2016 through 2019, visit Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kingofpot and scroll through posts from 2016 to the present. Visit www.hempincpresents.com to see the videos of Hemp, Inc.’s grows in multiple locations.)Hemp, Inc. also has two “Small Family Hemp Farm” models.  The “Small Family Hemp Farm” in North Carolina is situated on 12 acres and consists of a cloning room, a greenhouse, and enough land to grow 2,000-3,000 high CBD hemp plants. (This model farm can be seen on Bruce Perlowin’s Facebook page, in the Aug. 22nd – 26th, 2018 posts.) The model shows farmers how to grow high CBD hemp plants, operate a greenhouse and turn a barn into a cloning room to earn up to $100,000+ a year.  This shows an example of how the “Small Family Hemp Farm” can be duplicated and reappear on the American landscape. After all, the original small family farms in America were able to survive economically by growing hemp as their main cash crop and the first five presidents of the United States were all hemp farmers.Hemp, Inc.’s other “Small Family Hemp Farm” is located Dolan Springs, Arizona.  This “Small Family Hemp Farm” is referred to as “The Orchard” since it has a sizable organic orchard.  There are: 2 acres on which hemp will be grown on; a cloning room; cold storage; and greenhouses that are currently being installed.This year, according to Perlowin, the company is preparing to grow on up to 342 acres of land in Oregon, 300 acres in Arizona, hundreds of acres in North Carolina (a combination of hemp and kenaf), and an undetermined amount in other states. He says collective sales from all of these grows will be extremely significant in terms of pre-rolls, high CBD buds, distillate, isolate and biomass. “This year, we anticipate the main function of the company to be sales and marketing as we will have completed the infrastructure to support sales and marketing. Right now, I believe we have the largest footprint of bio-diverse hemp products with vertical integration in the hemp industry in America today. We are always looking for joint ventures where we have or can expand our footprint,” commented Perlowin.Moreover, “A to Z” services for the farmers are available – from harvesting to drying, curing, bucking, machine trimming, hand trimming, bagging, storing, nitrogen sparging, and selling… creating a “one stop shop” for the small to large family farms.Division Two Products:·       The King of Hemp™ Pre-Roll Blends·       High premium CBD buds from the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon, North Carolina and ArizonaHemp, Inc. is also hosting the Hempathon at the Veteran Village Kins Community in Arizona.  Contestants are growing 1 acre of hemp in a contest with other growers from around the country. Hemp, Inc. is providing land, water, security, and live streaming video coverage for participants. The Hempathon entry fee is $5,000 and a 50/50 revenue split. Several awards and prizes will be given to the winners. Those interested in signing up for the Hempathon should contact Devi Barnard dbarnard@hempinc.com.Division Three – The Hemp Extraction & Pre-Roll Blending InfrastructureThe Hemp CBD Oil Extraction & Pre-Roll Blending Infrastructure (Division Three) originally consisted of a Supercritical C02 Extractor. After operating for over a year it has been determined that Hemp, Inc. will not be involved in the extraction industry and has changed its direction to focus primarily on the King of Hemp pre-rolls and The King of Hemp high CBD smokeable flower. The CBD oil that was extracted from the 2018 hemp grows in North Carolina has been made into pure crystalline CBD isolate which will add to our “King of Hemp™” branded line of pre-rolls to take to the marketplace and a pre-roll fortified with pure crystalline CBD isolate.In lieu of building its own extraction laboratories, Hemp, Inc. plans to utilize the facilities of other labs in the industry to manufacture its own line of CBD oil products while they continue to build and expand the infrastructure for pre-rolls and high CBD smokeable buds. The Company will hire or joint venture with other, already existing, labs to manufacture CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, and other products in its future cannabinoid line. With 150 different cannabinoids, over 300 terpenes, and more of each being discovered almost monthly, the product range and possibilities in this area are endless.Division Four – The Hemp Educational InfrastructureThe Hemp Educational Infrastructure (Division Four) includes Hemp, Inc.’s Hemp University which focuses on educating and empowering Hemp farmers and entrepreneurs with knowledge, processing, infrastructure and support.  The educational seminars, through the Hemp University, are held periodically and teach farmers and landowners how to create a profitable income stream by maximizing the per-acre crop revenue. Through this division, Hemp, Inc. has trained well over 500 farmers in its first two years by doing a total of nine Hemp University seminars in North Carolina and Oregon, thus far, which include:The New Leaf Symposium and Golden Grow Awards Gala – January 26, 2020 (Jacksonville, Oregon)

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